IIT JEE Preparation Tips & Recommended Books

Following are the recommended books for the Preparation of IIT JEE :

Principles Of Physics (By Halliday, Resnick & Walker)
Use this book for reading theory only. The concepts are explained in detail and are easy to grasp. But be careful, some of the topics given in this book are not included in the JEE syllabus.

Concepts Of Physics (By Dr. H C Verma) Vol. 1 Vol. 2
This book should be followed religiously. First read the theory section twice and make notes, then do the Worked Out Examples – try to solve the examples yourself before looking at the solutions given in the book. Next, move to Objectives and Exercises. Though many unauthorized solutions of Concepts of Physics are available but don’t buy them as they contain many errors.

Mathematics For Class XI & XII (By Dr. R D Sharma)
Use this book to familiarize yourself with new formulae and concepts. No need to do all the exercise questions given in this book (there are too many questions of the same type), just do enough questions so that you learn how to apply the basic concepts.

Problem Plus In IIT Mathematics (By A Das Gupta)
Use this book only after you have understood the basics well. First do a chapter from your basic textbook and after completing that start the same chapter from this book. This is a slightly difficult book so don’t get disheartened if you are not able to do the problems at the first go.

Chemistry For Class XI & XII (By NCERT)
Concise and compact books. Do from the beginning to the end.

Organic Chemistry (By Morrison & Boyd) & Organic Chemistry (By Solomons & Fryhle)
Reference books for organic chemistry. Use these books for reading theory only. All concepts are explained in good detail. But be careful, many topics given in these books are not included in the JEE syllabus.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry (By J D Lee)
Reference book for inorganic chemistry. Use this book for reading theory only. All concepts are explained in a lucid manner. But be careful, many topics given in these books are not included in the JEE syllabus.

For All Subjects
Very Important:
Do Exercise sheets of Bansal Classes or Resonance or FIIT JEE or Career Point or Vibrant Academy.
I found that the exercise sheets used by these coaching institues for their classroom courses were far better than the correspondence courses provided by them. You can buy these exercise sheets at most booksellers.


50 thoughts on “IIT JEE Preparation Tips & Recommended Books


    That was quite nice but at the same time surprising for me.From where it struck ur mind??Nevertheless, it is really very good.

  2. Deepanshu

    i totally agree with ur post…..HCV is great for physics and ncert is like bible as far as chemistry is concerned 😉

  3. bisma ishtiyak

    thanks sir but there is a problem,,RD Sharma doesnt have all topics of IIT maths,,where can we find them….plz tel

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      Second hand exercise sheets of bansal are available at any bookseller dealing in books for competetive exams in Delhi, Kota or Jaipur and many other places. If you know somebody who have studied at bansal classroom course you can also ask them to give you their sheets.

  4. Mohit

    😎 Hello sir ; i want to ask some question here is list plz give in brief ; PLZ REPLY FAST Q 1 ; Which book is better morrision and boyd or soloman and frhyle and why ?? Q 2 ; rc mukherji book contain half of chapters about mole concept should i follow it ? because i m iit asspirant ; dropper , as in iit there is only 9-11 qus come for numerical part ; in physical chemistry. OR should i follow op agarwal or should follow p.bahadur as this book contain very little theory but huge collection of numerical. Q3 ; i m having fiitjee rsm pakage , how and when should i use it , because its little bit advance , theory is not well illusarated . 😀 THANKS IN ADVANCE AND I M WAITING FOR UR ANSWER 😐 with huge hope.

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      Hi Mohit,
      1) Both the books are quite good, but if I had to choose one I would go with Morrison & Boyd because I like their way of explanation more.
      2) Both theory and numericals are important for JEE. To clear JEE your theory concepts should be rock solid but to do that you need to practice numericals. So I would suggest that you try to strike a proper balance between them.
      3) I have not seen FIITJEE’s rsm package but as I said in the post that their classroom study material is better than their correspondence courses, so you may want to use them.
      All the best.

  5. Sachin

    hello please could u tell me where i could fid the solutions of A das gupta iit mathematics…and ya its a gud book..

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      I don’t know about a solution which does not contain a lot of errors. Most of the unofficial solution manuals contain answers which are outright wrong. I would suggest that you find a good teacher or discuss the quesitons with your friends.

  6. Meenu Joshi

    Hi Rohit: Good post, will guide students to short selection of books they can refer for JEE preparation. As the digital medium is progressing some new options like video lectures are also getting very popular. My firm – Exponent Education provides video lectures for JEE preparation and are being used by hundreds of students. Will truly appreciate if you can share your thoughts on this new preparation aid.

  7. rishabh verma

    hi rohit..nice and encouraging post but please can u tell me few names of booksellers in delhi or nearby areas or (booksellers whom u used to take the classroom study material) who sell iit classroom study material of premier coaching institutes like bansal, vibrant resonance..(please reply fast)

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      Go to Daryaganj in Delhi, almost every bookseller there sells this study material. I don’t remember any specific names but once you reach there, it wouldn’t be hard to find – there is a street there which is almost completely occupied by shops selling books.

      1. rishabh verma

        thanx for replying….. i found out on net but i was unable to find out names of booksellers who sell this material …i belong to punjab & specially i am going to delhi tomorrow for this purpose, please can u recall and tell me few names of booksellers who are selling this material ..it would be great if u tell me the names of booksellers and reply as soon as possible..!!!thanking u for ur help..!!!

      2. Rohit Agarwal Post author

        Sorry dude, I have totally forgotten the names – it has been more than 5 years since I went there. But don’t worry, you will find them easily once you get there.

  8. shabin

    sir, please answer the questions my choices are following
    university physics
    tmh iit physics
    tmh chemistry
    ncert chem
    tmh maths are the choices satisfactory?

    is das gupta maths better than tmh? should i buy it?

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      Both Tata Mcgraw-Hill IIT Mathematics and Problem Plus by A Das Gupta are very good books. Choose either and stick to it. Regarding Physics books, I think I answered that question in the post itself.

  9. Rutuja

    Nice and useful wordpress, sir. There are few more ways of studying for these tough exams-
    1) by buying lectures, and,
    2) by streaming the video lectures online.
    I know one such site, and I’ve heard it’s good. You can give it a try! 🙂
    http://www.plancess.com –All the best! 🙂

  10. Maya

    This is really a nice post very useful. Though Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick and Halliday now has the 9th edition. The best way to prepare for JEE both Main & Advanced is to begin just after the 12th exams beginning with basics and as you move on solving questions from practice books and then taking timed mock tests. I have found really good series of JEE prep books for main & advanced by Wiley Maestro and they have useful resources on their website as well. check out their site at http://www.wileymaestro.com

  11. rahul

    hi rohith bro u given a superb source for the iit aspirants.Can u help me in one thing i am unable to understand a das gupta problems very difficult problems.how can i overcome this problem bro

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      Some problems in A Das Gupta’s IIT Mathematics are really difficult, so don’t worry too much if you are unable to solve them. I would suggest that you ask your teacher in those cases. You can also try to solve them in a group study session with your friends.

  12. akshit vashishth

    thank you very much ..your words are really encouraging and helpful. pls can you explain how to manage PCM in a day ..?

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      It depends on your study style. Some people like studying a little bit of each subject every day and some people like studying one subject continuously for some time before moving on to the next subject. There is no right way – do what suits you best.

  13. Osho

    Hello bhaiya
    I have study material of shri chaitanya vizag.is there a need to buy other coaching exercise sheets?
    The questions provided in this package are really tough.i have planned to solve them in the upcoming summer season.

    1. Rohit Agarwal Post author

      Hi Osho,
      I have no idea about how good or bad Sri Chaitanya’s education material is. But if it is good, then yes, there is no need to buy other coaching institutes’ sheets. The only thing that you need to be careful about is that the exercise sheets don’t contain many errors/wrong answers.
      All the best!

  14. Ronak reddy

    Sir , which is the best book for physics theory only , i have halliday resnick but its theory is too vast and has unncry topics which wastes my time ,, plz tell me the book which take me fast and has best theory,, plz help me sir.

  15. shivani satpute

    hello Rohit sir, i want to know which book do i refer for chemistry organic & inorganic( both) to get the concept cleared and start after with JEE mains ??
    thankyou in advance!!

  16. jeeaspirant

    sir,can you tell me about a good book for maths theory that explains fundamentals nicely & covers whole of jee syllabus.thank you in advance

  17. Chandan

    Plz tell me that shuld i use OP tandon for physical chemistry? And for maths can i go only for allen sheets of classroom course?

  18. Sumit

    thanx Rohit sir for giving us useful info
    i m in dilemma. My parents are forcing me to go kota for JEE preparation. I think it would be risky as this will ruin my board performarnce. Can i study at home? Pls help

    1. kushagra

      bhaiya i have sheets of bansal classes but i am not able to solve them i wanr to know where i can get the solutions for them !
      i ialso want to know that whether tmh or arihant is good for jee prep .?
      looking forward fr a reply asap!


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